Dan and Jim are a couple of guys that grew up together in the thriving metropolis of Camp Verde, Arizona.  No, that's not some boys camp for troubled youth, it really is a place believe it or not.  As luck would have it, we both went off to college in different states, completed our degrees, (neither of which were business or finance related), and reunited when both decided to enter the mortgage world.  Dan, the shorter of the two, played 4 years of college basketball and now chases his two boys around the country to hockey rinks.  That makes sense right? Jim, the taller, chubbier one of the bunch does his best to keep up with his 4 kids as they bounce from basketball, soccer, and volleyball.  They are throw-backs I guess you could say.  They believe a handshake deal is as solid as a signature and they believe in doing what they say.  Their goal is to educate each borrower so they make the best financial decision possible. To put it simply, they make Dollars and Sense come together.